Yesterday's steak with cream mustard

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Good day! I want to share with you first of all, very tasty, slightly spicy sauce based on sour cream, mustard and soy sauce that can be used not only as a complement to the meat/poultry/vegetables on the grill, but also as a dressing for salads. Born sauce by accident, but loved very much. Delicious by itself with a fresh baguette, but we will make him yesterday's grill. Call it Durum. The Belgians will use this name when you cook a dish in a rolled up pita. Lovely and very quick to prepare (which is important) snack, but for me personally replace a full dinner.

Ingredients for Yesterday's steak with cream mustard

Step by step instruction of cooking Yesterday's steak with cream mustard

Шаг 1

The cabbage Nachinaem, cucumbers cut into strips, carrots on a grater for Korean carrot.
Shake hands to make the cabbage softer and pricolici to taste

Шаг 2

Prepare sauce - mix all ingredients, squeezing fresh garlic, chopped greens and mix well.
Soy sauce can be salt, so try to your taste. Collect our durum.
The pellet spread from one end of the prepared vegetables, salad leaves, 2-3h/l of sauce and a plate of cheese

Шаг 3

Collapsible tube, and bending one side of the cake.
Fry the rolls in the grill with crispy chicken and a beautiful rosy picture.
I have a small electric, but fire exits are not any worse.