Grape sauce for chicken kebab

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This sauce is very pleasant to those who like sweet sauces. Our family is very fond of the combination of these sauces with shashlik chicken. At this time we were preparing kebabs with the grill seasoning with ginger and pink pepper from the Forester. We fell in love with this marinade.

Ingredients for Grape sauce for chicken kebab

Step by step instruction of cooking Grape sauce for chicken kebab

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Hip put them in the bag for marinating, which is included in the set.
To fill the 1/2 package of seasoning Forester (the whole package is designed for 3 kg, we had less). To close on a double-zip lock.
Shake so that the spices are distributed evenly and leave to marinate for 2 hours (you can add more lemon juice).

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For cooking on the coals, we used a lattice-grill Forester with corrosion resistant coating. Most liked about it that it has a limiter of opening angle.

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Spread on the bottom plane pieces of chickens. To press the upper segment of the grille, fasten the locking ring.

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Fry, turning the bars as needed

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Season with salt, add the chopped Basil, bring to a boil and turn off

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Serve hot, but cold is good too.

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Bon appetit