Blackcurrant sauce with herbs for fish

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2 weeks ago I was offered a blackcurrant sauce for kebabs. Today I want to offer another option, but to fish (and meat.). And the fish we cooked on the coals with the chips with a set of Forester.

Ingredients for Blackcurrant sauce with herbs for fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Blackcurrant sauce with herbs for fish

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The fish is cleaned. Cut into large pieces and place in a convenient package for marinating.
Pour 1/2 package of fragrant spices Forester, to close the double zip lock, shake so that the seasoning is distributed throughout the fish. Leave for 60 minutes.
Chips, which is set to soak for 30 minutes

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Spread on the skewer. Even this time we used it we fell in love with double steel with corrosion-resistant coating of the company Forester.
These skewers are very handy for baking these pieces of fish.
Chips to throw on the coals ready to cook the fish with smoke for about 15 minutes.

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For sauce shake all the ingredients blender. Adjust the taste with salt, pepper and sugar. A few berries to leave and put on top of the finished sauce. and to serve delicious fish.

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Bon appetit