Apple sauce for grilled fish

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We recently a neighbor at the cottage had brought a gift of fish tench. It is very tasty, but there is one thing: the body of Lin covered with fine, adherent scales and a thick layer of mucus. In General, cleaning it is not fun. But this time we decided to bake it on the grill, just wash it with slime, and the scales are not clean. It'll be removed after baking. And help us in this set for marinating fish grill from the Forester. I myself want to offer Apple sauce-a condiment that goes well with fish.

Ingredients for Apple sauce for grilled fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple sauce for grilled fish

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The fish cleaned of mucus, to remove the intestines and the head, cut into large pieces

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Put them in the bag for marinating with zip lock, which is also included in the set for marinating (I was delighted, put and pickled). Sprinkle them with seasoning, which includes orange peel, fennel seeds, garlic and dry mint. Shake the package so that the seasoning is distributed across all slices. Close the zip-lock and leave for 1 hour.

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Spread on a skewer ( we used a double, I will talk about them in another recipe) or you can use a grill grate. To cook on coals

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Now for the sauce. But this sauce is also good because you can prepare in advance and take with you ready.

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Apples to purify, lemon to remove only bone.

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All the ingredients to grind in a blender (or use a meat grinder).
Adjust the taste with salt and sugar.
The sauce-seasoning ready.

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Bon appetit