The grilled tuna with green beans

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Very good fish - tuna. To cook it is sometimes difficult, but on the grill to do it simply and quickly. And the longer the tuna is marinated, the tastier it turns out. Invite!

Ingredients for The grilled tuna with green beans

Step by step instruction of cooking The grilled tuna with green beans

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The tuna steaks to unfreeze in the refrigerator. Grill seasoning for fish mix with vegetable oil and RUB the steaks and leave at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

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Green beans blanch 5 minutes in boiling water and drain in a colander. Chips from a set of skewers pre-soak in water.

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Prepare the coals in the grill. sprinkle damp wood chips. I cooked the dish in a pan-grill from the company Forester, one half of the steak on the other beans, it is very convenient. Beans fry until light it will turn brown and slightly salt.
The fish must be fried on both sides literally 7-8 minutes, i.e., when prick with a fork the top layer to delaminate, and the middle should be slightly pink.

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On a dish lay out lettuce leaves, slightly sprinkle with lemon juice, put the tuna steaks next to the beans and serve immediately to the table.