Skewers of squid in Chinese style

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Recipe for lovers of squid and Chinese cuisine. Very gently (do not overdry it!), flavorful, juicy and healthy!

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Ingredients for Skewers of squid in Chinese style

Step by step instruction of cooking Skewers of squid in Chinese style

Шаг 1

Prepare the marinade. Grate the ginger root, garlic, add the lemon juice, sugar, soy sauce and olive oil.

Шаг 2

Put squid rings in the marinade, stir, leave for 30 minutes to marinate.

Шаг 3

Take a wooden stick.
Rings of squid folded in half, then in half again, and strung on sticks.

Шаг 4

Of this amount, I got 3 skewers.

Шаг 5

Take a grill fueled by coal. When coal is burned, put the grille on the Forester.
Food corrosion resistant coating ensures a long service life of the lattice.
Easy to grasp handle protects hands from burns and makes it easy to turn the bars.
Antennae-clamps provide a stable position on the grill.

Шаг 6

Grease the grate with oil.

Шаг 7

Put on the grill skewers of squid, close the lid, fasten the latch.

Шаг 8

Cook for 2-3 minutes. Will not overdo!
Turn the bars. Cook 2-3 minutes on the other side.

Шаг 9

Serve kebabs on wooden skewers.

Шаг 10

On a plate put lettuce leaves on them skewers with skewers, put on top of the olives. Bon appetit!