Orange mussels

429 - 130 минут 2 порции

Fresh, bright, flavorful appetizer prepared with spices, HMS Forester, ideal for holiday buffets. All lovers of mussels!

Ingredients for Orange mussels

Step by step instruction of cooking Orange mussels

Шаг 1

Whole orange with peel cut into segments. Mussels thawed. For the marinade with half of an orange fine grater to remove the zest, squeeze juice, garlic grind.

Шаг 2

Mix the oranges and mussels, pour the marinade and sprinkle with spices for fish TM Forester. Leave on for 30-60 minutes.

Шаг 3

Orange slices and mussels (I took 3 pieces) strung alternately on soaked wooden skewers. Fry on the grill (on grill or in oven) 7-10 minutes.

Шаг 4

Such good kebabs and piping hot, and cold.