Vegetable bruschetta on the grill

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Quick and tasty vegetable appetizer with the scent of smoke can be a great addition to meat or fish kebabs.

Ingredients for Vegetable bruschetta on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Vegetable bruschetta on the grill

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Baguette cut into slices thickness approximately 1 see
Peppers cut into 8 pieces, removing seeds and stalk. Zucchini, cut diagonally into slices

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Spread on a barbecue grill slices of zucchini and pepper (the pepper skin side down), sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil and bake over coals, turning once bars. Vegetables should be with podpalennye, but to remain crunchy.

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While preparing the vegetables, cut into circles tomatoes, coarsely chop the herbs, peel the garlic and cut each clove in half. Red onion cut into rings. Bow if you want too, you can sear over the coals.

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Now came the turn of the baguette: quickly fry the slices from both sides over the coals and while the baguette is hot, RUB it with garlic.

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On each slice of baguette put a slice of tomato, rings of onion, then slide the grilled vegetables. Sprinkle each bruschetta with olive oil and season to taste-salt and pepper, and I as a condiment chose the grill seasoning Forester for vegetables and mushrooms.
It includes sea salt, garlic, parsley, black and white pepper, and oregano that goes well with grilled vegetables.