Truffle oil

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Once I was brought from Italy, black truffles. In order to preserve this rare, seasonal, delicious mushroom for a long time, I have prepared a fragrant truffle oil. If you are the lucky owner of this precious fungus, then this recipe is for you!

Ingredients for Truffle oil

Step by step instruction of cooking Truffle oil

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Fresh truffles are carefully cleaned with a brush under running water from the earth and dirt.

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Fill with rice to remove excess moisture. To leave for the night. By the way, the Fig then becomes a very rich flavor. It can be tightly sealed and in a consequence to use for cooking the perfect risotto.

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Grate the truffle on a coarse grater, put it in the bottle of olive oil, add pepper. Resealed. To insist not less than 7 days in a dark place, periodically shake.

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In the same way I cook flavored oil with garlic, pepper, etc. to get the perfect dressing for salads and hot dishes. Bon appetit!

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Attention, add any flavored oil in hot dishes it is necessary at the end of cooking to preserve the gourmet flavor!