Pork braised sauerkraut under

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The idea came to me suddenly. But it turned out that this is a very tasty, quick and easy! Try)

Ingredients for Pork braised sauerkraut under

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork braised sauerkraut under

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Pork I cut into pieces in advance and only had to defrost. Washed, a little salt (do not overdo it - after all, sauerkraut rich taste) Put the pork in a large preheated pan, pour sunflower oil.

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Spread on top of sauerkraut. It took me a third 3 liter jars. Let him to the edge a couple of centimeters to make it easy to turn pork.

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Further all is very simple - tightly close the lid and wait until boil. Then low down the heat and simmer 30 min. Every 10 min. carefully turn over the pork, trying to keep under it was not cabbage (put in the pork :-))

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Served with any side dish. Bon appetit! ;-)