Toast with ricotta and strawberry under caramel

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Want to offer delicious Breakfast. No need to stand long at the stove, enjoy your summer, enjoy each other!

Ingredients for Toast with ricotta and strawberry under caramel

Step by step instruction of cooking Toast with ricotta and strawberry under caramel

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In this recipe, ideally you need the ricotta. It will be replaced and fresh cottage cheese.
Ricotta I prepare myself for many years, and each time a kind word recall star our site the Ira (irina_vip), which many have suggested this simple and effective way. Yogurt packaging - cardboard or plastic - placed in advance in the freezer. Then get frozen in a block of kefir and put them in a colander, the laid gauze in several layers. Put the colander on the pan and wait. After a few hours on the gauze, you have ricotta that is sold for space prices in maaalenky jars, and pot - serum.

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Whey - a good thing for the home. Cooking of many delicious dishes - casseroles, pancakes, fritters, pastry, cocktails and mousses.
And yet - ATTENTION GARDENERS, if you spray the beds with tomatoes, the fruit will blacken and rot on the branches. Proven, familiar use thank. No chemicals - pure tomatoes.
So, prepare the filling - mix ricotta with sour cream

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This I gathered strawberries for Breakfast

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Cut it into thin slices

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Fry the toast - my toaster died bravely many years ago. Searing the bread to dry scourage

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Cook the caramel in a dry thick-walled pan put sugar, about 1 tablespoon of water and heat the sugar until caramel is viscous, stirring constantly.

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I use the brown sugar from the Mistral

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As soon as the caramel is ready, quickly preparing Breakfast.
Why quickly? Because all relish - the combination of crispy bread, cream cheese, strawberry and caramel!
The bread should not have time to soak of the cream and the caramel to harden.
On toast, spread cream, put the strawberries, pour the caramel.
At certain skill to cook a delicious Breakfast, you will spend 15 minutes.