Beetroot with cherry

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This is the favourite soup in our family. The taste of my childhood. This soup was cooked by my grandmother, while my mother and I.

Ingredients for Beetroot with cherry

Step by step instruction of cooking Beetroot with cherry

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To prepare the vegetables. Borsch can be cooked with meat, or without. There are a lot of beets and vegetables, with no meat is no less delicious. In the broth or boiling water add the potatoes.

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While cooking the potatoes, saute the onions, carrots and grated beets. When the vegetables soften add chopped slices of tomatoes and tomato paste simmer all together for 2-3 minutes. Autumn and winter beets I boiled, scrubbed, and laid directly in the soup. Passerby only young, early.

Шаг 3

To semi-lays potato sliced bell peppers I have frozen. Believe 5 minutes.

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When potatoes and peppers are ready add our beets, wait for boiling, allow to simmer for 3-4 minutes. Then add green onions and cherries, allow to simmer for 1-2 min.

Шаг 5

Then add minced garlic, chili pepper, finely chopped parsley and dill. Argument to the boil and switch off.

Шаг 6

Allow the soup to infuse, the longer the tastier, cherry have to give your taste the soup.

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The soup turns out amazing. Bon appetit!