Cherry dessert for the winter

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This year cherry freak! I want to offer all gardeners your recipe frozen cherries in a special way. Get this delicious and vitamin dessert, sometimes before the winter has nothing left. And most importantly, he's not peremarket, it becomes a little sticky and is very popular with the children, and adults too!

Ingredients for Cherry dessert for the winter

Step by step instruction of cooking Cherry dessert for the winter

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Soak gelatine in cold water and leave to swell.
Cherry rinse well, add 100g sugar and knead by hand until it forms a juice, and the sugar is dissolved.

Шаг 2

This mass grind through a sieve.

Шаг 3

It turns out frothy mousse, like this.

Шаг 4

Yes, all the ingredients for 1 kg of cherries. I had a 4 kg.

Шаг 5

Pour into containers, seal the lids and put in freezer. I have a 1 liter containers. When you want kids dessert, when I reach and apply as necessary.

Шаг 6

Gone are the days from the start of freezing in the freezer. My girls have already tried it. Stringy, slightly sour, very fragrant dessert taste fresh, Sunny summer!

Шаг 7

Thank you cherry for such a great treat!