Creamy ice cream with pralines and caramel

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Creamy ice cream with a layer of caramel sauce and pralines. Looked at the recipes on the site, but this combination is not found. The ice cream recipe I found in a magazine, and since then this is my favorite recipe because it simple+fast=good. I guess this ice cream recipe is already on the site, as well as caramel sauce and praline separately. But I do not pretend to the authorship, and I want to offer the cooks a very good option, in my opinion, the combination of flavors.

Ingredients for Creamy ice cream with pralines and caramel

Step by step instruction of cooking Creamy ice cream with pralines and caramel

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Cook first ice cream. To do this well chilled whip the cream until soft peaks form. For those who are not very friendly with cream, I suggest you take this high and narrow glass, it whipped the cream much faster than in a wide pan. This is my glass set for kitchen usage and for whipping, I use the Frother-whisk, and do this: in one hand hold the processor with a whisk and whisk and the other holding a glass, twist it on the table, so whipped cream instantly, most importantly, to test them, not to get oil. The cream need to be whipped in 2 hours in small portions, otherwise there is a risk that nothing will come of it, that is, 500 g, divide roughly in half and whip separately until whipped the first part, the second is waiting in the fridge. If you absolutely could not beat (well it happens), you can add a few drops of lemon juice. But even if it did not help (very unlikely), you can simply stop the process of whipping, and to use what happened. I never knew how to whip the cream, and no "soft peaks" I did not, however, ice cream still came out excellent. (Sorry, on the preview draft of the recipe, the photo is displayed not completely, and the glass on her some strange. In General, for fast whipping best suited wide and high utensils)

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And this is the second part of the cream. It turned out a little thick because this portion was smaller (the first portion was about 400 g of cream, I just eye measured "half" :D).

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Add the condensed milk and a pinch of salt and mix quickly until smooth. To taste, if necessary add a little more condensed milk.

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Mass transfer to a container with a lid and put into the freezer for 3 hours.

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Make praline. For this purpose, the nuts dry in a frying pan, put on plate. If You have walnuts, remove the skins (if possible). If the hazelnuts, the skin itself will fall off directly into the pan. If the almonds, first fill it with boiling water, leave for a minute, then drain the water and repeat the procedure, after which the nuts to clean hands. If the pecans, just toast it slightly, removing the solid membrane from the middle. Next, the nuts slightly crushed.

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Pan slightly grease with oil, put the sugar and, stirring, bring to dissolve.

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To prepare a sheet of foil, grease it with a drop rastitelnogo oil. In a pan put the walnuts and mix in a minute to move them on foil until cool.

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The cooled mass was separated from the foil, break into pieces. Half the stuff in your pack and go through it a few times with a rolling pin. Strongly granulate is not necessary.

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The second part of the nut to punch in a blender.

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Small pieces to enter the butter, stirring each time. It is generally considered that the caramel needs to cook in aluminum utensils, the sugar stir to dissolve and add a small amount of oil to enter only into the melted sugar, etc. so I tried and I failed, so I do as described here. Oil is important to take good quality, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the products. So, when a new oil, it begins to "swear" with sugar, sizzle, sugar gathers in clumps. After a short time with constant stirring the mass acquires a uniform consistency.

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I transferred the ice cream in portion disposable cups, and filling the put "layers". The filling I have left, but there is a matter of taste, you can use it all. I got 6 cups with a volume of 180 ml Cups I closed the foil and put it in the freezer.

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After 3 hours, the ice cream is ready.

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Remove ice-cream from the freezer 5-10 minutes before serving.

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Bon appetit!

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Help yourself!