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Gomi, or Hominy - Georgian dish made of corn flour and cereals. In principle it is a thick, sweet porridge, served with smoked Suluguni and normal. I also use and Imeretian cheese. As a rule, Gomi eat instead of bread and is served with meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Gomi turns out tasty and interesting, filled with cheese is cheesy smoked tint. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Gomi

Step by step instruction of cooking Gomi

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And groats and flour I corn light, homemade. So the color will be white, not yellow. Rinse and put in a large pot, pour in cold water. Let the water boil, reduce fire and cook grits until tender, stirring occasionally. The water is not salt.

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When grits are cooked, add the flour and constantly stir with a large wooden spatula. Flour gave the estimated number. Depends on the quality of flour may need more or less. The porridge should be very thick, about like sour cream.
The main thing to actively interfere Gomi and not to deviate from the pan.

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Imereti cheese to chop hands, if no, then can a soft cheese. Add salt to taste if the cheese is not salty, suneli and adjika spice. The dry leaves of mint, chop and add to cheese.

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With your hands or a spoon to thoroughly mix the cheese. Smoked chicken and cut into normal slices.