Air berry cake-meringue

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Delicious cake-meringue with creamy custard and berries.

Ingredients for Air berry cake-meringue

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Meringue: beat egg whites with sugar. Put in the oven 150 degrees for 60-90 minutes.

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Custard: 3 egg yolks, 180g of the sugar, lemon juice, milk 400 ml flour 2,5 tbsp mix and brew to slow the flames. Cover and chill.
For the butter cream custard: add the chilled custard 200 g fresh butter room temperature, mix with a mixer.
Cream creamy custard: cool cream beat with a mixer chilled dish and enter into the custard.

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Wash all berries and dry well.

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Glaze: on low heat dissolve 40 g butter, add cocoa and milk, stir well.

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Meringue lay out the first layer, brush with cream, put berries, nuts, pour part of the glaze, even the cream, then spread the meringue, cream, berries and icing.
Send the cake in the fridge!

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Incredibly delicious cake. Bon appetit!