A thick jam made from gooseberries in a pan

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I do not recognize liquid jam, and I try to expose the berries to the minimum thermal processing, and that solved both problems in a simple way.

Ingredients for A thick jam made from gooseberries in a pan

Step by step instruction of cooking A thick jam made from gooseberries in a pan

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Here he is our handsome gooseberry. Of course, for jam better not to use the ripened berries, then they will not fall apart and the color will be brighter and greener. In my case, the gooseberries are very ripe, but this option has its advantages - less sugar will be required.

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Each of the berries need to cut off the tail and the stalk and chop in several places. I for this purpose use a thin knife type of stiletto.

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Spread berries in pan and sprinkle with alcohol, diluted with water, or vodka. From 100 ml. water and 200 gr. sugar, cook the syrup and pour it over the gooseberries. Add cherry leaves, bring to boil, squeeze a slice of lemon and cook on slow heat for 5 minutes.

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At intervals of 4 hours to repeat the procedure twice more. Clean cherry leaves. It looks like the gooseberry after 2 brews. The jam is stirred. I carefully removed the foam, but it was very small. For the last time in well warmed up berries pour 200 gr. sugar for jam and boil for 3 minutes.

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The jam turned out very flavorful, with a light, unobtrusive acidity.

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The last jar I added a handful of cashew nuts. Bon appetit!