Harvesting fireweed

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Koporye tea, fireweed, fireweed... It can be called differently! From year to year we harvest this wonderful, healthy drink-panacea and enjoy its unrivalled fruity, honey-like taste and aroma! Today I decided to share with you the secrets of his cooking! And it will tell you the key to obtaining rich tea, because if just dry or retreat from the rules-we get a taste at best grass or cheap Ceylon tea...

Ingredients for Harvesting fireweed

Step by step instruction of cooking Harvesting fireweed

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Cooking fireweed is a three and a half days.
Collected separately from the leaves, flowers separately. Next, iterate, rinse and lay on a blanket layer of approximately 5 cm per day, and periodically turning it. The process of curing (to the leaves become soft).

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As soon as the leaves have wilted a little-we begin to turn the "sausages" hands and put them in a saucepan in two or three layers. In this photo you can see how "wilted" sheets.

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Here is the result. Put "sausage" in a saucepan.

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Here are the "sausage" in the pot. Tea starts to smell fruity smell. To turn "sausages" better in the evening to the morning tea went through the process of fermentation.

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Cover them with a wet cloth, close the lid and leave for about 8-12 hours to ferment. My process took 8 hours. Tea begins to play with colors, appear notes of honey. Need not "restart" or else the tea will ferment and sour. During fermentation, periodically look in the pot and smell the tea. Closer to the final scent will be a rich honey.

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And so-after...

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And it is in the Bank. The outcome with 2 kg make 1 liter cans of dried tea.
By the way the strength of the flavour and aroma of the dried tea is gaining after a month of preparation under the lid tightly closed. A month later, the flavor becomes more rich, playing with different colors!

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And it in brewed form)))
Way better to brew in a thermos!
It is a pity that the Internet cannot convey the taste!..

Hope the recipe you like! Collect, drink our age-old Russian tea! After all, the taste is not inferior to imported, but the benefit of it are not equal!