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Very soft, creamy berry smoothie

Very soft, creamy berry smoothie

Perfect Breakfast! Delicious dessert a favorite treat of kids and adults. What is it? Of course, SMOOTHIES! In hot weather, when a lot of cases, but time and effort does not, smoothies - everything! Super fast, brilliantly simple, and incredibly useful. Options there are a variety - yogurt, yogurt, yogurt based, add cereal and all that the soul wants in this moment - the fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs... And multicereal flakes - a separate song. But how all this utility to feed at home?! Put the cereal in a smoothie. Today we prepare a delicious berry drink. And if the children still own these same berries I collected them for the ears ottyanesh from the jug!

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Ingredients for Very soft, creamy berry smoothie

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Very soft, creamy berry smoothie

Step 1

Multicereal flakes from Mistral - our all.
Always in the kitchen I have this product.

Step 2

Malinka from the Bush...

Step 3

Flakes with honey - yogurt...

Step 4

Fresh strawberries..

Step 5

Whisk all the mixer and voila - enjoy!
Myself personally, I always add in a glass of cinnamon - I love it)))
And her husband - to normalize blood sugar:)