Fruit tea with fermentation

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Oh, girls, now you tell how to make different tea (leaves)... well, very tasty and healthy. My youngest daughter loves tea, fruit tea bags. But as I began to do their own, natural, fragrant and delicious tea, the bags forgotten. This way I harvested the leaves Ivan-tea, cherry, Apple, pear, raspberry, etc.

Ingredients for Fruit tea with fermentation

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruit tea with fermentation

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On our website I found the recipe harvesting fireweed.
I also harvested, but in a slightly different way which I will describe below.
This way I make tea from the leaves of various fruit trees and berry bushes.
Very tasty tea is obtained from leaves of strawberry and wild berries. Fragrant!
In the photo, dry flowers fireweed.

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So, get the frozen leaves and them them in a meat grinder.
And twist easier and granule will be big!
Fold the mass in a glass or enamel bowl and cover tightly with a lid.
From that moment, the fermentation of the future of tea depends on the taste and flavor magic drink.
The room temperature should not be below 24 degrees, and the optimum is 25-27 degrees.
In this photo left - granulated tea from cherry leaves, and the right of fireweed (Ivan-tea)

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Fermentation occurs about 4 to 7 hours, but it depends on the room temperature and the number of twisted leaves.
Leaf height in the pot should be at least 10 cm.
Fermentation will be more successful and of high quality.
In this photo a mixture of raspberry leaf tea, Apple and pear.
Oh, I forgot to say that I often experiment and mix different tea... very interesting work!

Шаг 4

Store the tea in plastic containers with tight-fitting lid that sign.
Then poured into a metal tin of tea and put on a shelf in the kitchen.
All winter my family enjoys raznoobraziem and aromas of different fruit tea!