Cucumber water "Oasis"

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Dear cooks, I suggest you look into the oasis to SIP flavored cucumber water! This water is very refreshing in the heat, besides looks on the table very attractive. I have to admit, before placing a prescription found that this recipe was already posted on the site in 2010, scullion Lisska called "rice water". He had no photos, and proportions there is not quite clear. If the moderators decide that the recipe need to remove - well, that means we need to remove.

Ingredients for Cucumber water "Oasis"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cucumber water "Oasis"

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For the cucumber water you will need : one third of a lemon, one-third of a long cucumber (or one subterranean), two sprigs of fresh mint (or lemon balm or Basil) and a jug with a capacity of 1 liter.

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Lemon wash, cut off one-third and slightly compress to ease out the juice, go to a pitcher. Cucumber will wash, cut off the necessary part and oscuri in the jug.

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Cucumber cut into slices that are sent to the jug. Mint wash, dry on a paper towel shall pound mercilessly in his hands and put it in a jar.

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It now remains to pour the contents of jug with water, let stand for 10 minutes - and all can enjoy. You can optionally add ice.