Garlic-oat muffins with cream cheese frosting

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These buns are really worth a try. They are so soft that just melt in your mouth, cream cheese, touch of garlic and fragrant parsley makes them truly magical

Ingredients for Garlic-oat muffins with cream cheese frosting

Step by step instruction of cooking Garlic-oat muffins with cream cheese frosting

Шаг 1

Yeast, salt and sugar dissolved in a warm mixture of cream and water

Шаг 2

Add crushed corn flakes, butter, flour and knead the dough. Let rise for about an hour

Шаг 3

For the cream cheese melt butter, add flour and fry until Golden brown

Шаг 4

Pour in the milk and bring to simmer to boil, the mixture will thicken. Then add the cheese.
Allow to cool to room temperature and add the chopped garlic.

Шаг 5

Roll the dough into a rectangle, brush with cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley

Шаг 6

Roll roll and slice with a sharp knife into 16 pieces.
The cream can gently flow out. Nothing to worry about.

Шаг 7

Put biscuits in greased pan and bake at 190 degrees for about 25 minutes

Шаг 8

Finished rolls can be lubricated garlic butter, which will make them even more aromatic.
Bon appetit!