Berries-cherries from chicken wings

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This recipe is a mix. Namely, the idea of forming learned from the video on some cooking website. For the preparation of meat used the idea of Natasha (LNataly) from a recipe "Chicken "Geneva", and the batter I have already described in one of his recipes. The result is tender meat in a crispy breading. These wings are very convenient to eat, holding the bone. Well, just like a Lollipop!!!

Ingredients for Berries-cherries from chicken wings

Step by step instruction of cooking Berries-cherries from chicken wings

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What else is remarkable about this recipe-saving!
1 kg of chicken wings you can cook two dishes!
For our "Berries" need only the middle part of the wing. And the rest can be used in other variations.
So. Cut off the shoulder. Take the middle part in the left hand, and acrylic in the right. The wing looks to us the inner side. In the joint perlative it in half, bending acrylic on the outside.

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Look out two dice-one large, the second smaller. Less bone is removed. Twisting and pulling it from the meat. It will be easier to do if the wing keep wrapped in a towel or cloth (so as not to slip). While the meat a little, as if pulling from the bones. Wrenched the meat on "face" skin in the inside and tighten it to the joint of the big bone, forming a ball.

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These are the billet is supposed to be.

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Sprinkle with salt and soda. Stir. Sprinkle with lemon juice and mix again. Then add starch and mix again. Leave aside to soak-premarin to batisa.

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While "berries" are resting, prepare the batter.
Mix the flour, baking powder and vegetable oil. Beat egg with a mixer and add to the batter. Mix well. Now add the sesame seeds and again mix everything.

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Wings, season with a mixture of peppers, stir. Take the bone, dip in the batter...

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and fry in well heated oil, Yes it will turn brown.

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All! Our "berries-cherries of" ready and call you to testing!