Pickled peppers with zucchini and carrots

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My husband loves peppers and seeing the store usual local peppers at a very ridiculous price, brought me 10 pounds, handed over and said "do what you want, but in the winter you want the jars with peppers". That's done.

Ingredients for Pickled peppers with zucchini and carrots

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickled peppers with zucchini and carrots

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Products are about. One approach to the plate of pepper (seeded) I had a little more than 2 kg, one big carrot and one small zucchini. All together 2.5 kg. Peppers cut so that it is easy and quick to throw in the jar, the carrots rubbed shredded, zucchini, sliced in circles (I tried slices, but not impressed), also cut up cloves of garlic, but I was a giant, if little, it is better to leave entirely. Washed greens. Prepared vegetables put aside and engaged in the marinade.

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For the marinade in a large pot (I have 8 liters) poured 1 liter of water, 3/4 Cup sugar and vegetable oil-3 tablespoon salt and let boil. Once the marinade to a boil, lowered it to the pepper and put the lid on. Once boiled pepper, reduce the fire twice. The peppers need to cook 4-5 minutes, no more. Our pepper is not as dense as the Bulgarian and long cooking will not survive. A minute before the end threw the carrots+zucchini+garlic and poured 3/4 Cup of vinegar. Because the process is very fast and needs attention, then take a picture failed.

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In hot sterilized jars thrown to the bottom of the greens (directly with twigs), leaf Lavrushka, a few peas of fragrant pepper and top with close-laid hot pepper. Immediately curled under the covers and turned over.
From 2.5 kg of vegetables were two two-liter cans under the neck. The marinade will remain, but if you take less water, the marinade will not cover the vegetables in the pan. So I decided it is better to remain.