Caviar from beet and carrot

140 - 160 минут 12 порции

Despite the fact that this recipe is very easy to prepare, eggs turns out extremely tasty, appetizing, nourishing and pleasing to the eye a rich, bright color. Eggs are good that can be as cold snack or used as a dressing for borscht and you can use it for preparing various winter dishes that will definitely make a splash on your dinner table. Recipe Svetlana Gausheva with my slight modifications. Cooked 2 portions at once, exit 8 bottles of 750 grams and some left for a sample)))

Ingredients for Caviar from beet and carrot

Step by step instruction of cooking Caviar from beet and carrot

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Tomatoes wash, dry and remove the stem. Cut into small pieces and mince.

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Vegetables folded into a container. Add the vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper (I added sweet paprika - 0,5 tbsp, coriander powder - 0,5 tbsp. red chili pepper - 1 pinch). Put on fire, bring to boil, slightly reduce heat and cook 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

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20 minutes before the end of cooking to bulk add the vinegar and sugar (I added more like sweet eggs). Hot eggs to put in sterilized jars and roll up under the key.

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Bon appetit and delicious winter!