The jam "Tropical"

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Mango-banana-melon-lime, this is not just an exotic taste, this is an incredible mood, a sense of joy and some special tropical fun. Despite the fact that the mango (and other tropical fruits) sold in our stores year-round, not always catches the fruit is of good quality. But just at this time of year on network shelves - just an abundance of mangoes (very affordable price), ripe fragrant melons, well, bananas for our region-is no longer exotic! The jam is cooked quickly, more time "is" to prepare the fruit. Preparatory-Achensee hard time will be forgotten as soon as you feel the intoxicating fragrance of tropical fruits while cooking.

Ingredients for The jam "Tropical"

Step by step instruction of cooking The jam "Tropical"

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Products for cooking

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Lime wash, remove the zest in long strips, squeeze the juice.
Tropical fruit wash, peel and seed (pits).
Weigh the desired amount of fruit pulp. Mango and melon cut into cubes, banana slices crosswise. Fold the prepared fruit in bowl (separately), add a pinch of lime zest and 2 tablespoons juice and 500 grams of sugar in each bowl. Cover the bowl with foil, let stand 3-6 hours.

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Over time the fruit "gives" a lot of juice (even bananas).

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Put fruit in large ( 5-liter) pan, bring to the boil, remove the foam ( tea), boil the jam over low heat, stirring occasionally for 20 minutes, add gellant (quittin), stir briskly, boil for 5-7 minutes more.
Banks wash, sterilize (...MICRO 60 %,40 seconds at 0.5 liters jar...). Ready marmalade spread out on the banks, ocuparte. Wipe the cooled cans from sweet stains, remove for storage.

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Pleasant, fragrant, tropical caespiticia!