Semolina porridge "Curly"

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Offered here is such a variant of semolina, play with the child in his favorite toys and eating porridge!

Ingredients for Semolina porridge "Curly"

Step by step instruction of cooking Semolina porridge "Curly"

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Go many disputes and ways how to cook semolina without lumps. I have already proven option. Add in the cold milk, sugar and semolina, put on the stove and on medium heat cook until fully cooked, stirring constantly. Porridge should be thick.

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Pour the porridge into silicone molds and refrigerate until fully cured ( about 1-1.5 hours). Get the form, extract the mess and starting to decorate.

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Raspberry jam I put in a cooking bag. With the help of which a thin layer caused lines and droplets.

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Semolina porridge with raspberry jam-delicious! Not only kids like!