Glazed veal with corn salad

478 - 140 минут 3 порции

A complete meal from Andrew Rudikova. Replaced the pork for veal, not lost.

Ingredients for Glazed veal with corn salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Glazed veal with corn salad

Шаг 1

A piece of meat to wash, to clean the membranes. Spread on foil greased with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. To pack and send in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Then reduce the heat to 120 degrees and continue yearning for 1.5 hours or more.

Шаг 2

At this time, to make the sauce. In a pan soften sliced onions and garlic.

Шаг 3

Pour them with tomato sauce ( my home), add sugar, mustard and honey. Stir, bring to a boil. Pour the wine ( beer) and vinegar. Add the peeled roasted eggplant. Cook 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

Шаг 4

To make the salad. Corn, drain, mix with sliced onions and cucumbers. Add chopped garlic and herbs and olive oil. Mix well. PS : I use boiled corn.

Шаг 5

Get the veal just before serving. Chop coarsely and divide into pieces on the fibers, it is easy to do with a fork. Meat on a dish, watering sauce by adding roasted eggplant. Serve with a salad.