Oysters with wine sauce

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Some types of oysters (O. edulis, C. gigas, C. virginica, etc.) are of commercial value, are eaten raw (live) and canned. Average composition of meat of oysters: protein 11 %, fat 2 %, carbohydrate 6 %, ash 3 %, water 78 %, there are also vitamins C and group B. In Europe, USA, Japan and some others. Oysters bred artificially. In France produce annually over 1 billion In Russia large stocks of oysters are in the Black and Japanese seas.

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Ingredients for Oysters with wine sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Oysters with wine sauce

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My oysters, reveal, take out the meat, peel the shells under running water.

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Wine sauce : Pour in a saucepan the liquid from the oysters, butter, wine "Domaine de Refrain" (or any other semi-sweet), crushed onions and dried celery.
Put it on the stove.
Add a little water, and evaporate until exactly 3 times less sauce.
Remove from heat, sprinkle with salt, stirring the sea salt.

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Garlic sauce, red: very fine grater grate the garlic, add olive oil, paprika, salt to taste.
Think all of this rubs in a small Cup.

Шаг 4

In a net shell put the meat.
Evenly pour the wine sauce and black ground pepper.
Closing the second half shell oysters and put on 10 minutes in the preheated oven to 190 degrees.

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Serve and with closed caps or without caps.

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Decorate with peeled slices of lemon or lime, a sprig of parsley and garlic sauce!