Cured ham sticks

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This delicacy surely will be appreciated by fans of "porolonovymi". I'm sure it will satisfy all those who love dried fish, dried squid, etc. in short, this is for you, beer lovers.

Ingredients for Cured ham sticks

Step by step instruction of cooking Cured ham sticks

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In order to prepare jerky sticks, we need raw (we usually deal with boiled) ham. Ham can be ready to buy and you can prepare yourself, like I did.
I bought it from a vending piece of me "meat" pork belly, cut the skin and a small bone, rubbed with salt, with a mixture of regular table salt and nitrite. Packed the meat in a plastic bag and sent in the refrigerator in the coldest place (optimum temperature +3 degrees C). Was sailosi meat from me within 10 days. It would be possible to keep only 5 days, but would like to make a ham-delicious.

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Salted meat (it now has raw ham) I washed with cold water, blotted them with a napkin and cut along the grain into long strips with a cross-section approximately 1 × 1 cm.

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Part of the stripes I rubbed the shop with a mixture of peppers. The meat and the rest left as is for comparison.
Then I strung the meat strips on long wooden skewers.

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Skewers with meat hung to dry on the balcony so that they did not get the sun. Opened the Windows, made a little draught. The Windows have mesh so the flies were not (this is important). The temperature on the balcony was about 30 degrees, at night - about 18.