Pumpkin pancake

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I bought a pumpkin and thought long and hard what to cook. And here on the Internet, found a recipe, baked and the whole family was happy, especially the kids, made from a double. I looked at the website there is a recipe, but the ingredients are different. Will share, maybe someone wants to cook and enjoy these soft, airy and delicious pancake.

Ingredients for Pumpkin pancake

Step by step instruction of cooking Pumpkin pancake

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Pumpkin cut into pieces and bake in the oven until soft at 180 degrees, I did it in 25 minutes. Then grind it in a blender. We need mashed potatoes 200 g.
Beat eggs with sugar, add a pinch of salt. Add pumpkin puree and melted butter.

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... to beat. Add the milk, pour the sifted flour with the baking powder. Beat.

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The batter is thicker than crepes, thinner than pancakes.

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Fry the pancakes on a dry pan on low heat. When the bottom is cooked, gently prising with a knife, flip.