Swedish rice porridge with roasted pears

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This is one of the options to traditional Swedish rice porridge. (Her story You'll find in the recipe). Sweet porridge with a hint of cinnamon combined with honey, caramel pears, crisp and refreshing sour berries and nuts that will pleasantly surprise You.

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Ingredients for Swedish rice porridge with roasted pears

Step by step instruction of cooking Swedish rice porridge with roasted pears

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Rice cover with water and bring to boil. Then on low heat cook for 5-7 minutes. Add milk, sugar and cinnamon stick, cover and cook until tender and soft rice (about 25-30 minutes). Cinnamon stick to get.

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While the porridge is cooking, make pears. Pears to be divided into 2 parts, to get the core.

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In a pan melt the butter and honey, add some cinnamon, mix thoroughly.

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Put the pears and fry on both sides, turning occasionally. Should be a light caramel crust, and the pears become soft.

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Porridge pour into bowls, sprinkle pears, nuts and cranberries. Traditionally, an almond is placed, but in his absence I used cashews.