Frozen quesadillas for Breakfast

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Yes... it was frozen. Watching ideas from foreign sponsors to sign a gift from his parents a large refrigerator with huge freezer, I realized that the frozen ready meals - it's a great move! The benefit is obvious and it consists in releasing a large amount of time, because preparing in advance and freezing, for example, a few servings of quesadillas for Breakfast will only fry it for a few minutes.

Ingredients for Frozen quesadillas for Breakfast

Step by step instruction of cooking Frozen quesadillas for Breakfast

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In a separate container mix eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg and Teriyaki. Eggs it stir, not whisk.
Pour the egg mixture into the heated pan and without reducing the fire, cook the eggs, stirring constantly. Eggs will grab clumps, large clumps of splitting a spatula and mix everything again. Cook this way for 2-3 minutes. Should get the lumpy egg mixture, not too dry, but not fluid.

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Turn off the heat, add the eggs boiled chicken and finely chopped parsley. All mix and give the mixture to cool slightly. At this time on a dry pan, slightly heat the tortilla for a few seconds on each side.

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While the tortilla is warm, it is flexible, so quickly collected a quesadilla. On a flat tortilla, spread some fried chicken, generously sprinkle with grated cheese and add a few drops of Teriyaki.
In parallel with this process the following heat pellet...

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... and finish with the previous one. Wrap the filling, folding the tortilla in any convenient way.

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Folded quesadilla lay seam side down and leave it up to complete cooling. When the cake has cooled, it will not unfold.

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The collected desired amount of quesadillas. And leave at room temperature until cool.

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Further, each quesadilla I wrapped in parchment, turning it like a envelope. You can remove the quesadillas just in bags, but in a parchment envelope frozen quesadillas my husband takes to work and warms up in the microwave.

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Actually, all... Remove the quesadillas in the freezer and pull out as needed.