Breast of duck with peaches

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Duck breast with peaches, cooked without oil and salt in honey-lemon sauce. This is probably the easiest and fastest recipe of a hot meal that I cooked.

Ingredients for Breast of duck with peaches

Step by step instruction of cooking Breast of duck with peaches

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To prepare this delicious and wholesome meals we need these products and... casserole Zepter)

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The Zepter cooking in different ways - possible products to lay in a cold pan in a hot. About all the ways I will detail in the next. recipes, and now we need to fry the duck breast, so we put a pan on full heat and wait until it is well warmed up. To know that the dishes are fairly hot, is very simple - apply the effect of a pearl, i.e. if you throw a spoonful of water at the bottom begin to roll drops of water like in this picture.

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Cover bowl with a lid, arrow on the controller will begin to move from the yellow field to green.

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Turn breast on one half of the pan, next put the sliced peaches and thyme sprigs. Pour peaches with lemon juice mixed with honey. Cover the pan with a lid, make sure that the arrow on the controller is a little further than the middle of the path and remove from heat. All! Now Breasts will bake without heating up and human intervention.

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I removed the lid after 10 minutes, look at the reverse side of meat flushed without fire, the peaches are soft but not turned to mush at the bottom gathered a delicious meat sauce and peach juice mixed with honey and lemon.