The eggplant caviar with roasted peppers

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I have already posted previously a recipe for "Baked bell pepper with tomato sauce". Today's recipe is based on, but with the addition of roasted eggplant. Maybe someone will like this version more, nevertheless the taste is different. So I allowed myself to share the recipe.

Ingredients for The eggplant caviar with roasted peppers

Step by step instruction of cooking The eggplant caviar with roasted peppers

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Bake the peppers (I have 15 pieces) and eggplant (2 large) in the oven until cooked. Cooled and cleaned.

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Wash and peel onions, carrots (I large), tomatoes (I have medium), and 4 bell peppers. Cut into cubes onions, carrots and pepper. The cauldron pour oil and put onion. Fry it until soft. Then add the carrots and continue to fry until the carrots will not flounder. Send fresh chopped bell pepper and fry a little, stirring constantly vegetable mixture. Tomatoes cut into slices and punch them in the blender. Received add tomato juice to the vegetables. Bring to a boil, reduce fire and a little ovarium/evaporate the liquid, about 15 minutes — 20 (depends on the tomatoes as they were meaty).

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Grind baked eggplant and sent to gravy. Salt, pepper to taste. If the sauce sour, add a little sugar to soften the taste. While gravy uvarivaetsja, clean and seed the peppers and chop, I shared the roasted pepper into 4 pieces (like when pepper large pieces). Sent the chopped pepper to the gravy and very gently with a wooden spoon mix to pepper left possible whole.

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Can you eat the eggs hot or cold. Delicious with meat and porridge, and potatoes, and just a spoon (like I do).

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Bon appetit!