Beans with mushrooms home-style

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This dish of beans and mushrooms in tomato sauce with vegetables and garlic is delicious and nutritious! Can be eaten as a separate dish, and if at the end of cooking add the vinegar and roll up in the winter, enjoy great snack and can be added to the broth with potatoes and a tasty, flavorful soup, I love the combination of beans and mushrooms, I recommend to try... well, let's get started!

Ingredients for Beans with mushrooms home-style

Step by step instruction of cooking Beans with mushrooms home-style

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From the amount of products out 9 half-liter jars of the workpiece. I have onions and carrots was big. If you want to cook without seaming of cans, I recommend to halve the amount of products and vinegar at the end to add... Beans pre-soaked in cold. the water for the night. Then add the water and boil about 30 minutes, no salt, liquid drain off. Mushrooms are also pre-boil in lightly salted water from the mushrooms will save about 7 l jar of mushroom broth.

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Pour tomatoes with boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then douse with cold water and easily remove the skins. Bell pepper, finely chop and together with the Krasnodar sweet sauce sent to vegetable mixture. Take the sauce in this recipe tomato paste "sounds" not so good!

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Tomatoes peel, finely chop.

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Add to the vegetables, pour the mushroom broth, proverjaem, stirring 5 min.

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It is now the beans.

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Next, lay the mushrooms, add spices - pepper, Bay leaf, garlic finely chopped, salt, sugar, simmer on low heat for 30-40 minutes. Ready! You can eat. And if we roll, then add vinegar, stir and start to fill in sterilized jars and roll up sterile. covers, and wrap under the blanket to itself sterilization.

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Delicious, beyond words! And in winter, can be served as an appetizer, as a garnish, but can be added to the finished broth, with boiled potatoes, soup turns out lovely! Try it, hope it will become one of the favorite universal of salads and appetizers!

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Bon appetit, my dear cooks!)