Yellow risotto

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​Is a popular and tasty rice dish came to us from Italy and became wide-spread in many world cuisines. In appearance it is something between a soup and a liquid porridge, the taste is different from the traditional pilaf, although the processes are similar. In the process of cooking the rice releases the starch, which gives the finished dish a creamy texture. Recipes for this dish a lot. In the preparation of rice for risotto is one secret that is to bring it to readiness gradually.

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Ingredients for Yellow risotto

Step by step instruction of cooking Yellow risotto

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​ 1. RUB on a small grater Parmesan. Finely chop the onion. Heat the olive oil in a large deep frying pan. Fry the onions until transparent. It is important that it is not burnt and not dry.

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Pour in the pan rice. Kuban rice PILAF white round Mistral

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Now the rice has to cook for two to three minutes to it after cooking remained hard on the outside. Pour and evaporate white wine. More fragrant than wine, the richer it will taste the risotto. On a nearby burner it is necessary to keep the hot broth, occasionally, a glass, pour it into the rice and, stirring to boil down.

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After twenty to twenty-five minutes the rice is ready. Stir turmeric into it and after a minute remove from heat.. Pepper.

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One handful of Parmesan and stir in rice, remaining Parmesan to put on the table along with the risotto. You can decorate the cheese crisp.