Figure "Africa"

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If You haven't tried to cook porridge for cocoa by all means try! You will like it! In such a mess for adults you can add a little liqueur, and for children - syrup, garnish with any fruit and berries (best combined with apricots)! Your efforts will appreciate it, because porridge is so delicious!

Ingredients for Figure "Africa"

Step by step instruction of cooking Figure "Africa"

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This recipe uses RICE WHITE short-grain KUBAN TM MISTRAL, and brown SUGAR TM MISTRAL

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The milk is heated in the tank. Milk add more if you prefer a less thick porridge.

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Meanwhile, in a Cup mix the cocoa powder and sugar.

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The milk is poured into the Cup, stir everything thoroughly, then poured back into a container of hot milk.

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Then added and cooked until tender rice.

Шаг 6

The rice is laid out, poured a liqueur or syrup and decorated with fruit and/or berries as desired.