Rice crust

80 - 45 минут 8 порции

Delicate rice with chicken, garlic and meat sausages for the egg crust... Sounds tempting, doesn't it?) I highly recommend to try, after preparing this dish is not difficult and not long, and the result is You will love it!

Ingredients for Rice crust

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice crust

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This recipe uses Arborio RICE WHITE MEDIUM-grain TM MISTRAL

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Chicken fillet cut into small pieces and fried in olive oil with chopped garlic.

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Next, the contents of the pan is shifted in a saucepan filled with water, with salt cooked for about 30 minutes. This step can be omitted if You have ready chicken stock.

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Meanwhile, in a frying pan, on the same oil fried the sausages and temporarily shifted into another bowl.

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Passiruyte finely chopped tomato pieces, to which is added the saffron.

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To the tomatoes laid out the meat, pour the broth. When the broth starts to boil, add the rice, salt if necessary and cook for about 10 minutes.

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At this stage, if pan allows you to spread out the sausages on top of rice, pour the beaten eggs and immediately send in a preheated 200 degree oven until the surface crust is formed. I have such a pan is not, therefore, shift the contents of the pan into a baking dish and then the same thing.

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The baking should take about 10-15 minutes, and serve!