Spicy aubergines for the winter

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Viewed recipes of preparations of eggplant for the winter, like this is not found. This is my first recipe on the website, gave me his mom. Delicious, moderately spicy.

Ingredients for Spicy aubergines for the winter

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy aubergines for the winter

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Eggplant cut into slices and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

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The rest of the vegetables cut into small cubes, add water, salt, sugar, hot pepper chopped, butter, garlic grind in a blender and simmer 30 minutes, add grated on a coarse grater carrots 5-7 pieces depending on size, at the end of cooking add vinegar.

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Then, in well washed jars (I wash with baking soda, not sterilized), spread roasted eggplant layer, then spread the vegetables, layer and so on until the full cans, the last layer should be vegetables. Close the banks and under the coat to cool.