Waffle cones for ice cream

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This recipe I have found in LJ and tried again. The dough is done in a few minutes. Ice cream cones crunchy and remain so when stored properly. I have not tried to store them with filler, but do more pieces and keep in an airtight container. Fill with ice cream or cream just before serving. For the recipe a huge thank you to Tatyana Bondarets (tania_bondarets)!

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Ingredients for Waffle cones for ice cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Waffle cones for ice cream

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I have a glass with a volume of 250 ml. For the convenience of the ingredients I transferred to grams.
Mix and lightly whisk the eggs, vanilla and sugar. Continuing to whisk, add water, and achieve full dissolution of sugar.

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Then add the flour. The original recipe States that flour you need to add so much that the dough was like a thick cream. I got 140 grams of flour for desired consistency. Next, pour vegetable oil and mix up it into the dough. It turns out thick, but fluid batter. Slightly thicker than for pancakes.

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Bake waffles in pre-heated apparatus for baking thin waffle, laying approximately one tablespoon for each product.

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Horns need to collapse immediately, while the waffles are still hot. During cooling the wafers become brittle and crispy. I folded the horn, without removing the workpiece from the waffle iron. Only when the horn formed, pour the next portion of the batter into the waffle iron.

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Special cone I have, therefore, turned on eyes. That would be hot horn is not deformed. I wore it on a thin side of the rolling pin and left it to cool down. Here is the structure I got :).

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Actually all. Leave the horns to cool down, then can be removed for storage in the container or to use as directed. Of this number ingredients I got 30 MB of horns.