Lemon-Basil ice-cream

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I saw this recipe on the website of Yulia Vysotskaya and decided to try to cook only out of interest. But this ice cream has surpassed all expectations, and now we are preparing ice cream only for this recipe, because this ice cream you will not find in the store!

Ingredients for Lemon-Basil ice-cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon-Basil ice-cream

Шаг 1

With lemon to remove the zest, Basil wash and dry

Шаг 2

Heat milk until bubbles, but do not boil. In hot milk add Basil and lemon zest. Cover with a lid or foil to give the milk to infuse (the time depends on how intense a flavor you want to). Then strain through a sieve.

Шаг 3

Yolks to grind with sugar.

Шаг 4

The egg yolks add the Basil in the milk, stir with a whisk and put on fire. Stirring constantly over a low fire warmed the ground, until it begins to thicken. Remove from the heat and stir some more. If you suddenly notice that the weight begins to flake and appear small grains - do not worry, everything is fixable. For this you need to very quickly pour the mixture into a cool bowl to put on the "ice bath" and to actively interfere. The mixture will acquire the proper consistency.
Put the mixture to cool in the fridge.
Meanwhile, whip the cream and add them to the cooled mass.

Шаг 5

When the ice cream is ready, it is better to divide the entire mass into portions, to be defrosted each time.
You can pour ice cream chocolate.