"Fish in the Fox fur coat" or cod marinade

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All painfully familiar dish - snack. Delicious, both hot and cold...

Ingredients for "Fish in the Fox fur coat" or cod marinade

Step by step instruction of cooking "Fish in the Fox fur coat" or cod marinade

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...and add to our fish! Now need to simmer them together for about 20-30 minutes until our dish is not burnt; add the greens, and you could then decorate the finished dish.

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Grate the carrots, shred Bolg. peppers and tomatoes - all delivered to simmer in a saucepan (add the rust. oil and a little water).

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Grind the onion and fry it in a pan.

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Add our fish (to the onions) and allow to evaporate liquid and a little obzharitsya with onion on the rust.oil + seasoning for fish...

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Meanwhile, the "Fox fur coat", i.e. the carrot is already well used potosinas with other vegetables and we add to the tomato.pasta - I "Pomidorka"

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Mix thoroughly,simmer for another 5 minutes and ....