Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"

197 - 5760 минут -

Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.

for Lent

Ingredients for Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"

Шаг 1

So, take a strong, dense head of cabbage, green leaves, remove (spare, remove the white, otherwise you are pickling they are grey and soft). Top, clean sheets can then be used in another dish.
Will Nachinaem cabbage finely, but long. I think now all the chopping, so that it will not be difficult.
Carrots grate on a "Korean" grater.

Шаг 2

Combine all, stir and gently triturated. To make it easier on a tray or in a shallow but wide bowl, peppered with salt and sugar. 3-liter jar need, on average, a 3.8 - 4 kg of cabbage.

Шаг 3

Pierce several times a day with a wooden stick, for discharging the gases of fermentation. After 3 days, pour in a jar of vodka and put it on the cold. The vodka acts as a preservative, adding it to the fermentation stops. After 2 - 3 hours it absolutely is not felt.
A day or two the sprouts are ready.