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Fruit smoothie-berry

Fruit smoothie-berry

Very tasty drink smoothie cocktail. We are always stocking up on summer berries for the winter. And if You tried to freeze melon? It happens when we buy a melon, it is not very sweet but flavorful! Suggest to freeze and make delicious drinks in the winter! In General, you can add anything you want!

Cooking time 7 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Fruit smoothie-berry

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Fruit smoothie-berry

Step 1

Here are the products that we need:Kefir, banana, frozen melon and strawberry.

Step 2

Banana cut into slices. Melon and strawberries defrost a bit, easier to chopped blender.

Step 3

Sent yogurt with berries and fruit in the blender and puree them.

Step 4

Here it turns out so yummy! Optionally, you can sweeten. Tasty and healthy. Bon appetit 😊

Step 5