Italian soup " "quick Breakfast" "

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Original and delicious soup based on chicken broth, semolina, eggs and cheese - products that can be found in each house.

Ingredients for Italian soup " "quick Breakfast" "

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian soup " "quick Breakfast" "

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Boiled chicken broth. The chicken is removed. The broth is maintained hot.

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Mix semolina, egg, grated cheese.

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This recipe uses semolina of TM Mistral.

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In the semolina mixture is added a small amount of hot broth, all was again stirred and then poured in a pot of hot broth. You can add salt and nutmeg to taste. The soup is cooked over high heat for about 4-5 minutes with constant stirring. Soup should not boil.

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In the end the soup is poured into bowls and sprinkled with chopped Basil or parsley.