Italian dessert "Panforte"

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Preparation of a traditional dessert of Italy dates! A huge amount of nuts with a minimum test, the taste of honey and cinnamon - delicious!

Ingredients for Italian dessert "Panforte"

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian dessert "Panforte"

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Nuts can take any taste, you can take and various soft fruit.
Figs cut in half;

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The nuts coarsely grind or chop several times with a knife, to leave large pieces;

Шаг 3

Mix the honey, ginger, juice, powdered sugar, melted butter and cocoa;

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Add the sifted flour, nuts and dates, mix well, getting a tight nut lump;

Шаг 5

A suitable form of grease with butter, put the dough tightly;

Шаг 6

Cook at 180 degrees for 30 minutes;

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To serve, cut portions and sprinkled with powdered sugar!