Roll-tiramisu "Gibellina" Luke Montersino

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Gentle, melting in your mouth with delicious cream roll. Guests were asked to cut another piece and thanked him for a delightful dessert! Thanks for the recipe DolceVita.

Ingredients for Roll-tiramisu "Gibellina" Luke Montersino

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll-tiramisu "Gibellina" Luke Montersino

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Mix yolks with whole eggs, sugar (reserve 1 tbsp. for whipping proteins) and vanilla. Beat with a mixer at high speed until the volume increases and receiving a lush thick mass of light.

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Whisk the whites on medium speed with a mixer until sustainable lush mass, increasing speed and add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Whisk until stable peaks.

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Add gently to the egg mass 2 times the sifted flour and whipped egg whites in three stages. The dough should be airy.

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Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, spread the batter and level it. Bake the cake at 180 degrees for about 12-15 minutes. Take out the cake from the oven, carefully remove parchment paper. Turn the hot cake into a roll together with the towel. Leave to cool. Meantime, prepare the cream. In the end I got a cake.

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Prepare the cream.
Mix water with sugar and bring to a boil. Beat the egg yolks at the maximum speed of the mixer. Ovarium sugar syrup to 118 degrees, I used a thermometer. If there is no thermometer in the original recipe advised to cook until the moment when, dropping the syrup into cold water, you can roll it a dense enough ball, but not caramel. Here are the words of the author: when the water will dissolve all the sugar, and the syrup begins to boil actively, you will need from time to time to check his willingness to dribble syrup into a saucer of cold water. First drops will just spread and disappear, if the drop remains on the bottom of the saucer, try to collect it from the bottom with your fingers, if the straw is still soft, the ball of it can be done, then the syrup is still undercooked (about 115 degrees), but will be ready soon. If we manage to get a drop in bulb, it has become more dense when cooled, but still does not freeze in very hard caramel. This finished syrup is 118 degrees. while checking the readiness of the syrup (dripping it on a saucer) remove the saucepan from the heat! Otherwise, the syrup can quickly digested.
Ready hot syrup quickly, pour a thin stream into the yolks, whisking at the same time with a mixer at high speed. Beat until completely cooled.

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Mascarpone and butter (it must be of good quality) to get in advance from the refrigerator, to room temperature to cream well whipped.
To the beaten yolks put the mascarpone and mix with a mixer on medium speed.
Add the pieces of softened butter and mix increasing the speed until it has a smooth, lush cream.

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Biscuit roll out and take the towel. Biscuit impregnated with coffee syrup. Biscuit lubricated cream and gently roll into a roll. Wrap in plastic wrap and put into the freezer until firm.

Шаг 8

As soon as the roll hardens, remove the tape. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave. Brush lightly grease the Swiss roll with chocolate and sprinkle (coat) in cocoa. In the original it is necessary to do so with the whole loaf, but I made only the top.