Baked fruit "Autumn song"

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The sweet melody of the autumn sunshine through the scarlet leaves... Apples, quinces and blueberries - the hot breath of winter. Inspired by the "Apples in the snow" by Helena D.

Ingredients for Baked fruit "Autumn song"

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked fruit "Autumn song"

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First, take the quince. Cut into small slices without serdtsevini. Pierce with a fork in several places each slice. Some water in the jug (two tbsp.), quince - the same. In the microwave for 7-8 minutes. Capacity - 800. While the quince comes, take my apples. Cut in half. Down to the core. Put in the form or casserole dish where we add a little vegetable of butter. In each half put a little honey and a few blueberries. I was frozen.

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On the edges put the quinces are almost ready. Why a microwave oven for quince? Because it is very tender, without the dried rubber edges, lips can eat! Yes, and a nice acidity to the sweet apples. All this beauty in heated oven for 30 minutes. Temperature - 200 degrees.

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Ready! It is very tasty! And very quickly!