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Crispy cabbage without any accelerations, vinegar, water and brine. Only the juice of cabbage, apples and carrots! Give a maximum of 2 kg of cabbage, but did 12 kg.

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Ingredients for Sauerkraut

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sauerkraut

Step 1

Remove from the ugly cabbage leaves. Cut with a knife or shredder.

Step 2

Apple serdtsevini and retrieved on a coarse grater to grind.

Step 3

Mix everything. Add salt. They say that if the salt you put too much, will not ferment and will disappear, will not allow the juice to ferment. Abenaim cabbage. So much juice I empty! Abominationem was the husband. In clean dry jars down the cabbage leaf. Hereinafter, the mixture from the bowl. Tamp, emminem. Preferably wooden tokushukai. Top cabbage leaf. Put in pan or plate. Top - weight. Metal is impossible. I took a glass of water. Nothing better at hand was not. Leave in a warm place. Kitchen - is, in my opinion.

Step 4

Then with a clean plastic lid and into the fridge. You can taste wine in a week. Another point: booze is better at the full moon, one hundred percent guaranteed crunch and juiciness.